Buyers - rebate offered.

I offer the following benefits to my valued Buyers:

  • Work at no cost to you (the agent's commission is paid by the sellers, not you, the buyer).
  • Provide detailed listing information.
  • Negotiate the best deal.
  • Help in obtaining financing.
  • Check if you can qualify for any available money saving programs.
  • Protect your interests through completion of the transaction.

I work with various Home Buying Programs/Government Sponsored Programs.

Home Buyer Rebate

Buyer rebate is the best way to maximize your savings when you purchase a house. I offer great service and a home buyer rebate to my clients. Please inquire.

I look forward to getting to know you and working with you soon!


Phone:  (650) 740-1597
Fax:      (650) 830-0415



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