Items That Are Sold With The House

It can be difficult to figure out which fixtures or other items should be included in the home sale and which items to take with you when you move. As a rule, any objects that are attached to the house or property itself, whether they are nailed, screwed, planted or otherwise affixed, stay with the house and are included in the sale.

In some cases the attached items are obvious – light fixtures, built-in appliances or a mailbox that is firmly planted into the ground. However, sometimes what stays and what goes isn’t completely cut-and-dried – a buyer may incorrectly assume the chandelier in the dining room stays, perhaps that mailbox is a family treasure you intend to keep. It’s best to outline in the sale contract all of the items in the house that you plan to remove, as this can help you avoid any last minute negotiations.

If you’re worried that a chandelier or other pricey light fixture, window treatment or some other item may become a negotiation point you’d rather avoid, consider removing the items and replacing them with fixtures or treatments you’re willing to include in the sale.

Spend some time with your Realtor going from room to room and itemizing the properties you plan to take with you and those that you will include in the sale. Your Realtor has probably seen some fierce negotiations crop up over some seemingly mundane items and likely can help you circumvent some of these issues by pointing out items that buyers typically like to see included in the sale.


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